So ask yourself, who are you trying to impress? Is it worth

So ask yourself, who are you trying to impress? Is it worth

I haven’t heard anything that sways me at this point,but I certainly don’t want to curtail the discussion.”Many of the council members, such as Mayor Aaron Shepley and Councilwoman Cathy Ferguson, have taken a hard line stance against video gambling, but bar and restaurant owners say they are equipped with numbers that support their request.Video gambling has boomed in Illinois, drawing $2.8 billion wagered that has led to $194 million in revenue for the state and $38.9 million in revenue for municipalities over the two years machines have been live. Businesses with the gaming terminals have brought in a combined profit of $272.5 million.McHenry County has followed the trend. Only counting unincorporated areas of the county, there are 25 establishments featuring 110 gambling terminals.

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