“A lot of the hotels started to be built

“A lot of the hotels started to be built

The real name of the road, Le Route de Mielle, comes from Norse words meaning Sand Dunes and the road came about due to an increase in development.”From the maps I’ve got I reckon it was built in the 1880s. That puts us into a very interesting period because there was no road along where the five mile road is,” Frank explained.That meant that farmers wanting to get from their farms to Corbiere or L’Etacq would have to drive along the beach itself.”If they wanted to get on to St Ouen beach they had to come from where they live up on their farms straight down to the beach.”The beach itself was the link road if they wanted to travel in a Corbiere direction or a L’Etacq direction,” said Frank.So, if there was a perfectly good beach that was already servicing the needs of the farmers, why build a road? Well it was all about the tourists.According to Frank Falle there was an increase in tourist interest in the island and “at this time the island was begging to build up on a visitor trade.”Frank explains that there were also hotels popping up. “A lot of the hotels started to be built, the Grand Hotel the Somerville Hotel.

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