Agnelli, Paskow and Goodkind first considered funny labels:

Agnelli, Paskow and Goodkind first considered funny labels:

AbstractHigh threading dislocation (TD) density in GaN based devices is a long unresolved problem because of the large lattice mismatch between GaN and the substrate, which causes a major obstacle for the further improvement of next generation high efficiency solid state lighting and high power electronics. Here, we report InGaN/GaN LEDs with ultralow TD density and improved efficiency on a sapphire substrate, on which a near strain free GaN compliant buffer layer was grown by remote plasma atomic layer deposition. This “compliant” buffer layer is capable of relaxing strain due to the absorption of misfit dislocations in a region within 10nm from the interface, leading to a high quality overlying GaN epilayer with an unusual TD density as low as 2.2105cm2.

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