82) among those who received more than 90 defined daily doses

82) among those who received more than 90 defined daily doses

A clear dose response association was found, with an adjusted hazard ratio for mortality of 4.51 (4.22 to 4.82) among those who received more than 90 defined daily doses of any study drug in the first year of follow up. Associations with mortality, and dose response effects, were found for each of the three separate classes of study drug. Hazard ratios were largest for benzodiazepines and smallest for other study drugs (table 5).Table 5 Hazard ratios (95% confidence interval) for age adjusted associations between defined daily doses (DDDs) of study drug (versus no study drugs) and mortality before and after adjusting for other potential confounders, for exposure restricted to receipt of study drugs in first year after recruitment only.

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