Other, more well known typefaces, such as Futura and Century

Other, more well known typefaces, such as Futura and Century

6. Look up!That a no brainer, right?Well, you be surprised how many times people forget to continue to look up when looking for meteors. Wetend to look at people we chatting with, out of sheer politeness. The idea was to look at a whole project as an art form with complementary elements including architecture, interior design, fine arts, graphics and typography. Bauhaus style was devoted to extreme simplification, usefulness, and the ability to sustain artistic qualities in mass produced products.Other, more well known typefaces, such as Futura and Century Gothic pandora bracelets, followed the success of Erbar. Clearly the most used geometric typeface is Futura, designed by Paul Renner in 1927 for the Bauer Type Foundry, also in Frankfurt, Germany.

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