I’m guessing the Chargers are somewhere near the bottom of the

I’m guessing the Chargers are somewhere near the bottom of the

Like what was previously said the end of the Long count date has undergone various interpretations, most are apocalyptic in nature. The scientific community claims that every year, during December, the sun approximately does align at the center of the galaxy but has no detrimental effect on earth. Others believed that the change that will happen will not be apocalyptic in nature but rather a change of people’s system of beliefs, a change in ideologies, and the likes..

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canada goose Does it seem like the Chargers passing game is simply too one dimensional? It’s basically a dump off passing game where receivers catch the ball within 5 yards from the line of scrimmage and try to break away. I’m guessing the Chargers are somewhere near the bottom of the league in yards through the air. Since the middle of last season teams seem to have figured this out and simply keep the receivers in front of them and wait for a turnover (which Rivers usually provides) or for the drive to eventually stall (which usually happens).. canada goose

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