Bug Eared has good enough aim and prediction skills that it

Bug Eared has good enough aim and prediction skills that it

Also earlier, in Part 4, there is Bug Eared, a rat with a Stand that shoots darts infused with flesh melting poison. By the time Jotaro and Josuke identify it and track it down, Bug Eared has become this trope, finding high ground and taking cover, aiming the darts at the boys down below with the Stand’s scope while taking every precaution to avoid giving away its location. Using these skills, Bug Eared has eliminated every rival rat in the area, as well as some nearby humans. Bug Eared has good enough aim and prediction skills that it can repeatedly hit Jotaro even with his time stopping abilities. And with Bug Eared being a rat, it doesn’t care one bit about anyone or anything but itself and is completely comfortable killing anything in its way. The only emotion it displays is a combination of anger and fear when Josuke attempts to snipe back and barely misses, enraging it enough to aim its crosshairs at Josuke instead of Jotaro.

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