A third issue with images is people with access rights to

A third issue with images is people with access rights to

Moreover, it is not possible to guess URL addresses cryptographically https://www.charmspandora-canada.com/, as it is possible with passwords. Document owners may still contact Google support to purge such images.Another issue related to images is users who receive the document continuing to be able to view the embedded images even after the document owner revokes their viewing rights, or delete the document itself! Google retains the image even after the document owner deletes the document as deleting images would break image references in users’ other Google documents and external blogs.A third issue with images is people with access rights to documents being able to view any previous version of the embedded diagram, which may contain some uncomfortable facts. The document owner may retract some parts of the image before sending the document across, but users can still view the earlier retracted versions.

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