When he was close enough Hill threw him a rope and pulled him

When he was close enough Hill threw him a rope and pulled him

This observation is associated with the emergence of a sparsely connected group of countries, particularly involving Middle Eastern countries, the United Kingdom (UK) and several high degree off shore financial centres (OFC), where we detect a general over representation of OFC among countries associated with this structural instability. On the other hand, the edge density of the LD PIN, as a network proxy to measure the interdependence of financial markets, scales with the total market values of several over the counter traded (OTC traded) financial derivative products, which have been directly linked to the crisis, such as CDS19,20,9, but also equity linked derivatives (ELD). Based on this, a simple phenomenological model is introduced, which allows for the description of the proliferation of such derivative products and, as such, for the detection of potentially high levels of market interdependency.

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