Gratuitous English: Some of their Japanese songs will have a

Gratuitous English: Some of their Japanese songs will have a

Londo taking the Drakh Keeper toward the end of Babylon 5. One interpretation of Morella’s prophecies regarding Londo (“Point of No Return”) would have this be the consequence of “killing the one who is already dead” (which could be read, after a fashion, as Sheridan, Morden, or Refa Morden, or possibly rival to the throne Refa, in this case) he has much else to redeem himself for the total loss of control represented by the Keeper could be read as the “greatest fear” which is then his final chance at redemption. At any rate, he bears the Keeper to avoid the Drakh detonating fusion bombs all over Centauri Prime, potentially killing millions. The Keeper is a living symbiote that can neurally exert control over his actions, as directed by a Drakh controller.

Anime Theme Song: They have performed the opening theme for Bunny Drop, and other songs for Oh! Edo Rocket, Pokmon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, SD Gundam Force, Hataraki Man, Genji Monogatari Sennenki, Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Inheritors of the Will of Fire, and Shimajiro to Wao!. They also performed themes for Tokyo Pig by separate: Ami’s song “Tadaima” is the ending theme, while Yumi’s “Tsuyoki na Futari” is one of its openings. Album Filler: “Robot Prototype Version 0.2”, “Natsuyasumi Prototype”, and “Puffy de Bossa” (all from FeverFever) are all so short that there’s no doubting they’re likely filler. Auto Tune: The girls’ voices are Auto Tuned in the song “Wake Up, Make Up”. Band Toon: Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Break Up Song: “So Long Zero”. Bow Chicka Wow Wow: The backing guitar in “Pool Nite” sounds like this. Car Song: “Hayai Kuruma” (literally means “Fast Car”). Tribute album: Puffy Covers, covered by artists such as The Pillows, Kazuyoshi Saito and Guitar Wolf. Fade Out: A good amount of their songs do this. Fading into the Next Song : The outro of “Hatarakuyo” fades into “Puffy de Bossa”. Gratuitous English: Some of their Japanese songs will have a few English language lines. Greatest Hits Album: The Very Best of Puffy, Hit Fun, and 15. Intercourse with You: “Pool Nite” (also known as “Swimming Pool”) and arguably “Kuchibiru Motion”. Jungle Drums: “Ai no Shirushi” Love Is a Drug: The song “Your Love Is A Drug” from the album Nice. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: Appeared in the 2005 edition on a float based on their cartoon series. Metal Scream: Yumi at the beginning of her solo cover of Masahiko Kondo’s song “High Teen Boogie”. Non Appearing Title: A large amount of their songs (mostly their Japanese songs) do not say the title. Silly Love Songs: “Love So Pure” and “Forever”, among others. Singer Namedrop: “Youkai PUFFY” and “Puffy no Rule” not only have their band name in the title, but the lyrics as well. Several other songs have the name in the title. Song of Song Titles: The outro of “Dare Ga Sore O” references several of their songs. Song Style Shift: “Hare Onna”, which starts out with a relatively calm, acoustic verse and the chorus happens and you’re blasted with electric guitars. Surprisingly Good English: Ami’s English language solos “Always Dreamin’ About You”, “Be Someone Tonight”, and “Security Blanket”. The Something Song: “Hajimari no Uta”, “Haru no Uta”, and “Sakura no Hanaga Saku Amai Amai Kisetsu no Uta”. Vocal Tag Team A Wild Rapper Appears!: The song “Wake Up, Make Up” features Ani and Bose from the Japanese rap group Scha Dara Parr. Though, it isn’t in the middle of the song, it’s close to the beginning.

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