“Once you expose them to the things they will learn

“Once you expose them to the things they will learn

Goose Break holiday connects Cree youth with culture

This year, the inland community of Ouj Bougoumou about 700 kilometres north of Montreal is launching a program for youth who might otherwise not be able to celebrate Goose Break out on the land. About 16 young boys buy canada goose jacket cheap and girls canadian goose jacket are currently out with elders until May 13.

Roasted geese hang in a tent the sign of a successful hunt. (CBC)

“He would always take them Canada Goose Parka out Canada Goose online on the land,” said Canada Goose Jackets Pepabano. “But ever since he’s been gone, my boys wanted to keep doing that, going canada More https://www.canadagoosetomall.com Canada Goose Outlet goose factory sale out, especially on canada goose uk black friday Goose Break.”

It’s something that Pepabano, as a single mother, hasn’t been able to canada goose coats on sale do.

“Their dad always talked to them about where they would always find healing to be Canada Goose Outlet out there.”

The elders are teaching canada goose black friday sale the boys and others skills like hunting safety tips, how to make a goose call, spending time in a goose blind and how to clean their own kill.

“This is a good experience for the youth,” said Anna Bosum, one of the volunteers. “Once you expose them to the things they will learn, they will remember it for a long time. Even the storytelling at camp, they will also learn from.”

A feast for all the youth taking canada goose clearance sale part is scheduled during Ouje Bougoumous’s Meuskum Eetowin, a celebration held at the end of the goose hunt in June.

Geese take off from a canada goose clearance lake in Northern Quebec. The annual hunt occurs in early May each year. (submitted by Brendan Forward)

‘We want people to live together in harmony’ In the community of Chisasibi, at uk canada goose outlet the end of the James Bay Highway about 1,000 kilometres north of Ouj Bougoumou, the local youth council has come buy canada goose jacket up with a canada goose uk shop different way to encourage more young people to get out for Goose Break.

It has launched “Adopt a Youth for Goose Break,” a program where families can Canada Goose sale sign up to bring an extra young person or two aged 13 to 35 out on the land with them.

A Whapmagoostui youth holding his first goose in May of 2014. (CBC)

Young people who want to take part are invited to sign up or are referred by Chisasibi’s cheap Canada Goose social services department.

In the past, it was commonplace for a family to bring a extra person or two out Canada Goose Online with them for Goose Break.

“That is part of Cree cheap canada goose uk culture, back in the day people would always tag along with other people canada goose coats to their traplines,” said Paula Napash, Chisasibi’s youth chief.

“We want people to live together uk canada goose in harmony and to hang out (together).”

For Napash, the project is a canada goose uk outlet chance to teach youth about Cree language, culture, canada goose store skills and values, as well as a chance for youth to learn to respect the land and animals.

“I would always Canada Goose Coats On Sale stay with my grandparents and would learn so much at my aunt’s,” she said.

Goose Break, a centuries old tradition practiced by Cree in northern Quebec, is traditionally a place for youth to learn on the land skills and customs. (Roger Orr) canada goose.

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