At one point in history, the scub by itself exceeded the Limit

At one point in history, the scub by itself exceeded the Limit

The Limit of Questions is a metaphysical concept at play in the world of Eureka Seven that essentially sets a limit on the number of sentient lifeforms that can exist in a given space. If the Limit of Questions is exceeded, the fabric of reality starts to break down. Colonel Dewey’s goal with the Ageha Project is to deliberately exceed the Limit of Questions by awakening the scub coral, an enormous mass of a colonial alien life form that covers the planet and, as it turns out, is sentient. At one point in history, the scub by itself exceeded the Limit of Questions, but managed to fix things by going into a state of deep hibernation but not before a section of the planet was irrevocably screwed up, resulting in a chaotic region known as the Great Wall.

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