Two psychologists who’ve done research on children canada

Two psychologists who’ve done research on children canada

Don’t forget to tell us about your car here.Our editor in chief has been with Auto Express and since 2011, having spent over ten years prior to that editing other major motoring titles. He’s been a motoring journalist for over 20 years, doing everything from inputting car data to road testing.Steve can also often be found on radio and TV talking about cars and motoring issues, and was the only journalist invited to give evidence to the competition commission’s investigation into new car sales and supply.John McIlroyJames BurnayJames works with the various elements which make up Auto Express, these include editorial, advertising, marketing, subscriptions and production. By making sure all of these elements work in unison we are able to produce the very best ground breaking news and car reviews, while keeping the business in good shape.

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