Super Human Trafficking They Would Cut You Up: Jenny and

Super Human Trafficking They Would Cut You Up: Jenny and

Shermin: Well, as much as I hate to stoop to symbolism. Spheroid Dropship: The ship that comes to pick up Starman at the end. Stockholm Syndrome: Jenny starts out freaked out by Starman and thinks of herself as kidnapped, but this doesn’t last long when she realizes that Starman is a wholly benevolent Energy Being that’s just trying to get home. Super Human Trafficking They Would Cut You Up: Jenny and Shermin’s concerns of what awaits Starman if Fox catches him. Seeing as the military have an autopsy table with restraining straps waiting, their fear is justified. Uncanny Valley: In universe, Starman took on a human form at least partially to not scare humans. Unfortunately, his bizarre not quite grasp of language, human customs, or even biological needs have a tendency to make him appear quite creepy. We Come in Peace Shoot to Kill: Played rather Anviliciously. What Is This Thing You Call “Love”? You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Starman’s answer to his own question in the page quote: “You are at your very best when things are at their worst.”

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