During World War One football was encouraged among women

During World War One football was encouraged among women

The soles are so clean I’m not sure how I’ll convince myself to walk on them outside. Coloring is even all around (minus tiny scuffs from my fingernails when lacing them 🙁 ). The perforations on the top of the tongue go all the way through which I think is a cool touch.

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cheap moncler jackets womens Before long, the munitionettes become organised; a union representative is appointed and a football team forms. Then in 1917, with industrial unrest sweeping the country, the women go on strike.During World War One football was encouraged among women working in munitions factories to counter the unhealthy working conditions. The women’s game flourished over the course of the war, with some matches drawing tens of thousands pop over to this site of spectators.By 1917 there were enough teams in the North East of England for a women tournament. cheap moncler jackets womens

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