Hills noted that retailers have improved their response time in

Hills noted that retailers have improved their response time in

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Cheap Jerseys from china Having a bad customer service experience during holiday shopping is much worse than having one the rest of the year, says Kevon Hills, vice president of research at StellaService cheap nfl jerseys, a customer service analytics company.”No matter what technology you use, or tools or product, at the heart of the customer service is the people whether it’s online or in the store,” he said.Hills noted that retailers have improved their response time in recent years. For example, last holiday season, it took 49 seconds from the first ring to when a customer service representative answers, compared to 71 seconds during the holiday 2013 season, he said.One of the biggest incentives for workers, of course, is pay. Toys R Us, which is hiring 10,900 seasonal workers in five of its biggest markets, said it’s raising the pay in certain areas Cheap Jerseys from china.

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