Poll yatra has also given an opportunity to ticket aspirants

Poll yatra has also given an opportunity to ticket aspirants

Things are about to get dirty as Cambridge United go “old school”Manager to get tough following two home defeats in a weekThe manager was left fuming by United’s second home defeat in a week on Saturday, and with a physical Stevenage side up next, is determined to not let his side become a soft touch.Although a lack of quality in the final third was Cambridge’s main problem against Cheltenham, Dunne wants his side to be up for the battle too.”We’re getting dirty next week on the training ground,” he blasted. “The kit man will have a problem next week as we’re going to visit some old school stuff.Cambridge United vs Cheltenham Town RECAP: All of Saturday’s action from The Abbey”We’re going to work hard next week and get back to basics. We’re the team to play at the moment we’re not scoring goals and we’re giving them away cheaply and we’ve got to respond.”We need to get some physicality to our game and show a bit more balls.

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