“When I was getting my baggage

“When I was getting my baggage

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purse replica handbags Eight security guards stopped me from leaving Addenbrooke’sMark Fox claims he was also grabbed by a nurse after an argument over his treatment”Eventually a conversation was had when I said if you’re not actually going to give me pain medication and you’re not willing to be flexible on it, there’s no point of me being here.”I can best replica designer bags be much more comfortable at home and someone else can have my high end replica bags spot here.”This village GP surgery has been voted by patients as the best in CambridgeshireThe nurse then argued Mark would have to sign a form stating he took responsibility for taking himself out of hospital.Mark, from Bishop’s Stortford, said: “I rejected on the basis the only reason I was leaving was that he was refusing to provide the care that had been agreed with my doctors.”He said he wouldn’t let me leave and if I tried to leave he would call security.”‘I no longer felt safe’ From this point the situation escalated. Later on, Mark took to Twitter to share his anger at what happened.He wrote: “This nurse first blocked the door and then grabbed me best replica designer and yanked me back by my injured arm.”I pulled free and told him firmly NOT to grab or touch me further. He then informed me that unless I stayed replica wallets there he would call security.A Cambridge University Hospitals NHS replica bags china Foundation Replica Handbags trust spokesman said of the incident: “The trust cannot comment on individual cases while the complaint process is being followed.”However, we can give the assurance that any complaint the trust receives is dealt with as quickly and thoroughly as possible.”Speaking to Cambridgeshire Live days after the incident, Mark said it had left him “very shaken”.The cold sore virus that killed newborn baby can be passed on by a https://www.buycheapluxury.com kissHe added: “My condition is rare enough, there aren’t a lot of hospitals that have a lot of experience treating it or managing it.”It leaves me very, very anxious about having any further falls or accidents designer replica luggage purse replica handbags.

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