Gehring’s menu is small, focused and mighty fine

Gehring’s menu is small, focused and mighty fine

think running the boston marathon in these conditions is brutal

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high quality replica handbags Afton Golf and Cruise Getaway Pack your bags and head to the city of Afton, located along the St. Croix River. Stay at the Afton House Inn, with river views and an old world charm. Gehring’s menu is small, focused and mighty fine. Mornings find me inhaling a golden biscuit packed with spicy sausage, lacy egg and not quite melted cheese, a guilty pleasure I correct with a high quality replica bags fruit cup notable for how much of the season it holds. Afternoons present a challenge: a box of a fried chicken quarter with tender biscuits and a choice of two sides, or a crunchy chicken sandwich that’s by turns sassy with hot sauce and sweet thanks to honey high quality replica handbags.

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