The most obvious example is London Crossrail

The most obvious example is London Crossrail

If you look at midcap, it is still 40 percent off its all time high and if you look at smallcaps it is almost 50 60 percent off. Only FIIs had been driving the market, mutual funds and local institutional investors are not getting any new money, retail investors have been decimated, high networth individuals (HNIs) are more or less out of the market. So, if market rally has to sustain then it should get the breadth and the depth, so it is not only visible in the indices of Sensex or Nifty but it has to be visible all across..

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canada goose outlet uk In the meantime, British tunnelling expertise is being put to good use elsewhere. The most obvious example is London Crossrail, which is the largest civil construction project in Europe. A canada goose outlet new york city smaller but significant project will soon follow the Lower Thames Crossing will connect canada goose outlet location Essex canada goose parka uk and Kent, in part via a new tunnel under the River Thames.. canada goose outlet uk

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