Whatever happened later that caused him to have a mental

Whatever happened later that caused him to have a mental

It’s all part of the process of writing on a site, I get oddballs even on my own site. Use your best judgement.22HubPages Tutorials and CommunityIs it ever justified to delete reader comments?by Deborah 3 years agoIs it ever justified to delete reader comments?Do you ever delete comments on your Hubpages? Sometimes we get inappropriate or over promoting comments on our hubs, how do you handle the situation?13HubPages Tutorials and CommunityDeleting and Marking Spam Commentsby Marcy Goodfleisch 4 years agoI just noticed that comments I delete from the ‘comments’ section on my accounts page are not being deleted from the actual hubs. One of my hubs gets spammed a lot by people posting links and email addresses for ‘quack’ healthcare.

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