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So you are still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for your wife/girlfriend/sister/mother? Why not let me make things easier for you and just show you what they will want. For example designer replica bags rotterdamtrojans , a simple yet stylish bag in luxurious anaconda skin is always a good choice for any . I rarely sing the praises of Carlos Falchi but this is possibly the best bag I have ever seen from him and it deserves to be on my arm. Now that I’m wearing heavy winter and fur coats, I need a bag with straps long enough to fit over my shoulder– at 10.5″ this is perfect. I can not sing enough praise about a simply designed bag made with amazingly beautiful exotic skin. But the Grande Boat bag’s beauty is more than skin deep; there are multiple pockets, compartments and pen holders– making it functional as well. $2,495.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue

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