Lucky 7 prize winners included top finishers in all categories

Lucky 7 prize winners included top finishers in all categories

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cheap yeezys Everyone had a fun experience and most left with amazing prizes from Gearhub Sports.Lucky 7 prize winners included top finishers in all categories and lucky winners from Gearhub Lucky 7’s Craps table. All participants rolled the fuzzy dice for each lap completed and the top rolls were winners. Everyone was a winner in the Fernie Lucky 7 have these great sponsors to thank for the events success: GearHub Sports, Rocky Mountain, The City of Fernie, Teck, Fernie Brewing Company, The Bridge Bistro, Montane Fernie, Park Place Lodge, Fernie Alpine Resort, Honey Stinger, and Fernie Alpine Resort.The FTS is a not for profit society with 15 years of history organizing mountain bike events in Fernie. cheap yeezys

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