The Wanscam software has the features to control the cameras

The Wanscam software has the features to control the cameras

Wanscam Wireless Internet Camera

canada goose black friday sale Recently canada goose outlet las vegas I upgraded my surveillance cameras to the wireless Wanscam product. Now that I have had them in production for a few months I would like to share with you canada goose outlet sale my findings and give you my opinion on how the canada goose jacket outlet toronto cameras perform. I bought three of the Wanscam wireless pan canada goose outlet mall tilt security cameras (PT) indoor and one Wanscam outdoor wireless IP cameras with pan tilt and zoom (PTZ). I had never used the Wanscam cameras but took a chance because the price was quite reasonable. I think it canada goose parka outlet uk worked out for the better. Read on for my findings. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose deals First I’ll talk about the camera set up. I didn’t find it too difficult to set them up. I hardwired canada goose outlet florida them one at a time into a standalone canada goose premium outlet router canada goose outlet store uk along with a computer. I used a router so the camera and computer would get an IP automatically via canada goose outlet the router’s DHCP. This way they would be on the same subnet and be able see each other. I then configured the wireless SSIS and passphrase on the camera, gave it a unique canada goose outlet miami ID, etc. After that I was able to disconnect the hard wire and restart the camera. The camera then connected wirelessly. The documentation canada goose outlet vancouver on the disk gave me instructions how to go about setting up the camera to get it onto my wireless network. canada goose deals

canada goose coats on sale The cameras canada goose outlet in canada came with their own software on a mini CD. There was canada goose outlet seattle an MS Internet Explorer Active X plug in and Wanscam viewing software. The Wanscam software has the features to control the cameras movement. There were also instructions to get the application for my iPhone. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Outlet The canada goose jacket outlet sale indoor cameras are peer to peer (P2P) ready so there canada goose outlet store montreal is no need to open ports on your wireless router’s firewall for the cameras to be accessible through the internet. The only downfall of the wireless P2P camera is that it is continuously polling the internet through the gateway. Because canada goose outlet legit I have three of them running all the time, they have slowed down my network somewhat. With one running it is not that noticeable. I am in the country so my internet access is through a wireless tower and my upload download speed is canada goose outlet price not the greatest as it is. If you have an ADSL or Cable modem connection I doubt you would notice much of a speed change for your internal network and internet access. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats I have canada goose outlet winnipeg one indoor camera set up in the barn. It is sheltered in there but unheated. The cameras has been working fine in 25 Celsius ( 13 F.). The viewing and canada goose outlet los angeles movement work fine at the low temperatures. The outdoor waterproof camera is rated for 23 C ( 10 F). So far we have had a cold Winter. It has gone down to 50 Celsius ( 58 F) with canada goose outlet new york the wind chill. The outdoor camera is mounted on a roof top in the open and I have had no problem with PTZ at all. The only downfall for this outdoor security camera system is that it has to be mounted very high up to see things more in the distance. It was designed to mainly look down. canada goose coats

canada related goose clearance sale You can visit my website The Healthy Canine for more information on the cameras and how I am utilizing them to monitor the well being of my dogs in the evenings and when away from the farm. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Jackets If you do purchase a Wanscam camera feel free to leave a comment if you need some help canada goose outlet edmonton getting it set up canada goose outlet kokemuksia Canada Goose Jackets.

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