Step inside the exquisite Church of Elijah the Prophet

Step inside the exquisite Church of Elijah the Prophet

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Canada Goose Outlet Featured Excursion: Yaroslavl city tour Yaroslavl city tour Stroll through Yaroslavl’s UNESCO World Heritage designated city center, which reflects both its late medieval roots and, with its wide, tree lined streets canada goose outlet shop and attractive parks, the urban planning ordered by Catherine the Great. Step inside the exquisite Church of Elijah the Prophet, a masterpiece of Orthodox architecture canada goose outlet locations in toronto whose interior is covered in frescoes, from the floor to the top of the domes high overhead. Along with religious imagery you’ll see scenes of daily life peasants harvesting hay, weddings, animals that give you a sense of how ordinary people lived in this area during the 17th century, when the paintings were made. Canada Goose Outlet

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