Life on earth is a fascinating topic and has been debated ever

Life on earth is a fascinating topic and has been debated ever

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cheap jordans under 50 dollars Some have gone to the extent of describing cheap jordans china Mr Singh in derogatory terms on social media.It is shocking to hear such a statement from cheap yeezys a minister belonging to a party that claims to be the conservers of Indian culture and tradition.The government at the Centre has been trying to find Indian parallels to popular cheap yeezys Western scientific theories in various fields.Apart from medicine, the theory of evolution is another area in which India has its own explanation.Life on earth is a fascinating topic and has been debated ever since Darwin proposed that Homo Sapiens are the result cheap jordans shoes of evolution over thousands of years.Darwin’s theory of evolution suggests that not all living beings co existed on earth from the beginning.With changing conditions, those who adapted to these changes survived.Darwin also propounded that Homo Sapiens evolved through a series of processes, starting from life in water to the amphibian, and then to apes, half man half ape, and then Homo cheap jordans in china Sapiens.Many thousand years cheap jordans on sale before Darwin could propose such a theory, Hindu mythology came up with a similar theory of human evolution.This is popularly known as the Dasavataram, which is cheap jordans in china essentially the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the protector.According to this theory, life on earth began with the fish (matsya), moving to the amphibian in the form of the tortoise (kurma); then came the boar (varaha), which could walk cheap jordans from china on its feet but could survive in water.In this manner, evolution continued till the modern man came into existence.The order in which the incarnations are placed makes us believe that beings that proved to be the fittest and those who adapted to climate change survived.Essentially, it is the evolution from marine to amphibian to cheap jordans shoes land based animals to pygmy to human.The theory of evolution is not just about physical transformation from ape to man but it also includes mental transformation.The fully developed man changed from being savage and wild with the axe (Parasurama) to the spiritual man in the form of the Buddha.Experts on pre history suggest the same by analysing stone tools used by species. The earliest tools were of the Oldowan variety used to cut carcasses.Of course, the Dasavataram also emphasises the triumph of good over evil.The concept is so widely accepted that we find numerous poetic compositions on it. Some of them are Telugu poet Bhadrachala Ramadas”>Takkuvemi cheap jordan sneakers Manaku and its mention in cheap jordans from china Jayadeva’s Gita Govindam.In both these compositions among others, stories on each of the 10 incarnations are narrated.Yes, the second part of Darwin\’s theory of evolution can be challenged and has already been done so by those studying the history of evolution.Darwin held that traits could be preserved cheap jordans sale over generations cheap jordans under 50 dollars.

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