The wounded self is never focused on true kindness

The wounded self is never focused on true kindness

The reason why we still return to Mouna Ragam, Alaipayuthey and even Nayagan, is for its nano focus on its characters their loves, their fears, their tears. It’s raw and beautiful and we get to see that because there’s no grand set, no artifice. This is probably why we didn’t quite take to Raavan even though it has a bold and striking plot..

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monlcer down jackets 2018. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Alle anderen Warenzeichen oder Urheberrechte Dritter sind Eigentum ihrer jeweiligen Inhaber. The suffering in the world is caused by our wounded selves. The wounded self is never focused on true kindness. Even if we seem to be focused on kindness to others, when we are unkind to ourselves we end up suffering. monlcer down jackets

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