Is an old border station immediately southeast of Emerson in

Is an old border station immediately southeast of Emerson in

You can’t do it halfway. An American audience is not gonna get a record that’s mostly Spanish because there’s a couple of English cuts on it. They’re gonna want to hear the whole thing. We can’t tell you how much we’re looking forward to this movie. It’s proof that films don’t have to be sci fi to have robots and a reminder that we are approaching an age where robots could be more than just onscreen characters as the robot in this flick is strongly based on the real life Japanese Honda creation ASIMO. It’s also another example of the unfortunate human habit of personification as the trailer shows Frank (Frank Langella) saying about the robot (Peter Sarsgaard) who has been brought in to care for him in his old age, ‘He’s my friend’ despite the robot not having any emotions or, indeed, morals as he duly demonstrates by helping Frank, who is a former cat burglar, with a jewellery heist..

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