I know there nothing I can do but I went out fairly deep in at

I know there nothing I can do but I went out fairly deep in at

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I can call the flop bet canada goose outlet orlando because although I not getting directly good odds I have 6 clean outs, 2 potential outs (the clubs) six outs that will be good some canada goose outlet toronto address non zero amount of the time (8 and 9 for a pair) canada goose outlet vancouver plus some amount of the time I can make a play and take it away on a good run out (potentially a no club run out)I was happier canada goose clothing uk playing it because my flop call closed the action and it was going to be heads up. I probably would have liked it less if it was 3 or 4 to a turn even though I canada goose outlet https://www.canadagooseoutlet4sale.com technically would have had better oddsAlso I was bet at on the flop, not raised.squeevey 1 point submitted 22 hours agoWhat I mean with being the big blind is that you normally wouldn play 89o. Now that you canada goose outlet in canada in a weird flop with those cards, to me it is an easy play to get away from.What villains range? How has he been canada goose outlet seattle playing? He limps in, so I put him on a suited cards, or something midrange like J9s, or Q8s. It just doesn seem like it would end well.Also, side question: wouldn you want to subtract the clubs as outs? Since those would have you beat (on a flush draw).serjtankian 1 point submitted 1 day agoI swear I seem to only bust to 4 card flushes when I have people dominated. Runner runner suited cards are so horrible to watch unfold. I know there nothing I can do but I went out fairly deep in at least 3 or 4 tournaments to this and it so tilting.Worst one was KK vs JJ vs A10 in a bounty builder. I had them both canada goose vest outlet covered and all in on a low flop, only for running spades to give them both the flush. Cost me 2 bounties and 32k (avg was around 14k at the time) canada goose outlet in usa in chips, leaving me on a lowly 2k. Felt sick.Flop canada goose stockists uk is 10, 7, 6, rainbow (one club). BB goes all in for canada goose outlet ontario his last $60. I attempt to isolate by raising canada goose outlet sale to $150, HJ shoves for his $185, CO folds, I call the additional $35.HJ flips over Q8 of clubs for an inside straight draw runner/runner potential? This is the part I am confused about. All his $ for 4 outs (okay, he has the runner / runner draw, so 14)? I shouldn be surprised as this is a 1/2 table and people do all sorts of weird shit, but canada goose outlet edmonton I don see this as a smart move. Help me understand his shove, please.i don mean canada goose outlet online the way you describe it. just your actions seem canada goose outlet uk sale fairly random. min raises canada goose womens outlet are often not good in tournaments this early. against someone this loose i would put in a 4th bet preflop canada goose outlet england with JJ. canada goose outlet store uk if a guy is calling allin with canada goose outlet online store review 74 then why on earth would you not give him the opportunity to do that again?flop is ok i suppose except that personally i canada goose factory outlet don really like playing out of flow (i will check to the raiser almost always). after all that the rest of the hand sort of descends into madnessqwertyuiop5040 canada goose outlet legit 6 points submitted 2 days agoIf you fairly sure that min 3 bets means KK+ and not canada goose outlet online uk just random jacket garbage, then it ok to fold to a small 3 bets sometimes because even the great odds you get are not enough to justify the amount of money you make when you make a better hand compared to the amount you lose when you make a top pair against their overpair.Mainly the hands you want to fold are hands like KTo or QJo. You still call most hands like any Ax, suited hand (maybe not J7s if you open that wide), and pair.

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