But The Handmaid Tale is always relevant

But The Handmaid Tale is always relevant

Margaret Atwood and Elisabeth Moss Discuss Handmaid

Margaret Atwood wrote The Handmaid Tale, a dystopian novel about a society with a plummeting birth rate, in 1984. In the book, a totalitarian American regime strips cheap adidas women of their rights and forces those who are fertile to become to bear children for wealthy men and their barren wives.

Atwood challenged herself to only include events in the book that had happened in history. The result was a tale about the future that can, at turns, feel all too contemporary. The story includes cheap air force an environmental crisis, restrictions on abortion, cheap jordans in china marches for women rights and Americans fleeing to Canada.

cheap yeezys When Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss signed on to play the lead Offred in the Hulu adaptation of the landmark novel, most pundits predicted Hillary Clinton would be president. But just months after filming the show, Trump won the election and protesters at the Women March carried signs that read, Margaret Atwood fiction again and a Latin line from Handmaid te bastardes carborundorum ( let the bastards grind you down cheap yeezys

cheap jordans sale Margaret Atwood: The cheap jordans free shipping control of women and babies has been a part of cheap jordans from china every repressive regime in history. This has been happening all along. I don cheap jordans sale take it lightly when a politician says something like a pregnancy can result from a rape because a woman body knows it and rejects it. There an under of this [type of thinking]. And then Cheap jordans it rises to the surface sometimes. But The Handmaid Tale is always relevant, just in different ways in different political contexts. Not that much has changed. cheap jordans sale

cheap jordans china Moss: When we first met, we were in a very loud restaurant, so I was sort of leaning over the table trying desperately to hear all of your answers. But you said cheap jordan sneakers that the kernel of the idea was how you would control women by shutting down their bank accounts. cheap jordans china

cheap jordans from china Atwood: Also it was, If America were going to do a totalitarian govern what kind of totalitarian government would it cheap jordans shoes be? It wouldn be communism. No surprises there. I was always very interested in the Salem witch trials, another instance of controlling women. cheap jordans from china

Moss: We touch on this more in the show than in the book, but even though things are bad for the handmaids, the government has improved some things. There are more babies being born, the air is cleaner.

Cheap jordans Atwood: A character in the cheap air jordan book says, never means better for everyone. Moss: You said a lot, and I repeated often, that everything that happened in The Handmaid Tale has happened. Cheap jordans

Atwood: Somewhere at some time. I made nothing up.

cheap air force Moss: And now we at a time when our climate is what it is in America and in the world. Do you still feel this could happen? cheap air force

cheap jordans free shipping Atwood: Even more so. When I first published the book, some people did the could never happen here thing. so far along with women rights that we can go back. I don hear that much anymore. cheap jordans free shipping

Moss: I know. One of the things when we first started talking about making the show was whether this was something that could cheap jordans for sale be plausible. I love it, but is this something the public is going to buy into? And cheap jordans china then unfortunately, six months later, it became a hell cheap nike shoes of a lot more plausible.

TIME: There are some differences between the show and the book. Why did you add more nonwhite, nonstraight characters?

cheap jordans for sale Atwood: We taking off from now rather than 1984, and there are more multi couples now. In the book I had them being so segregationist, they were just separating everybody and shipping them off the way the Nazis did. cheap jordans for sale

In the show, it different. So just as we have cell phones in the plot now, we have to update other things. Although I was setting it in the future when I was writing it, I didn know anything about the future. We didn even have personal computers yet.

cheap jordan sneakers Moss: We wanted the show to be very relatable. We wanted people to see themselves in it. If you going to do that, you have to show all types of people. You have to reflect www.topjordanscity.com current society. cheap jordan sneakers

cheap jordans shoes A question I get asked a lot in inter Do you gravitate toward feminist roles? This is a question I struggle to answer because I don necessarily feel like they are feminist roles. I feel like they interesting women. The Handmaid Tale is considered one of the great feminist novels. I actually consider it a human novel about human rights, not just women rights. cheap jordans shoes

cheap jordans on sale Atwood: Well, women rights are human rights unless you have decided that women aren human. So those are your choices. If women are human, then women rights are part of human rights. cheap jordans on sale

cheap adidas Atwood: When we use that word, feminism, I always want to know: What do you mean by it? What are we talking about? If the person can describe what they mean by the word, then we can talk about whether I am one of those or not. cheap adidas

cheap nike shoes Moss: I find myself getting slightly tripped up because I am a feminist, and I not ashamed of it. But that not why I chose this role. I did it because it a complex character. cheap nike shoes

cheap jordans in china Atwood: If it were only a feminist book, you would think, in that case, all the women are over here on the low cheap jordans online side, and all the cheap yeezys men are over here on the high side. But it more like the way human societies actually arrange themselves, which means some powerful people at the top. The women connected to those people have more power than the men connected to the bottom rank. cheap jordans in china

cheap jordans online Moss: The commanders wives have more power than the male servants. cheap jordans online

cheap Air max shoes Atwood: You betcha. And Queen Elizabeth I had cheap jordans on sale more power than Joe the peasant. cheap Air max shoes

cheap air jordan Moss: Well, time will tell about the outfits. cheap air jordan

Atwood: We heading into a situation in which health coverage is going to be removed for pregnancy and childbirth. At the same time, you going to force women to have babies by making it so they can get abortions. That like being drafted into the army. Except at least in the army, you get three square meals a day and a place to sleep. You not left out on the street. If you going to take away women choice and not give them an adequate wage or healthcare, what would you call that? I call it a bad deal.

Moss: We not politicians, but I get asked a lot what the average women or average person can do to prevent Gilead from happening.

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