Here Ruth and I tasted our first dark German bier

Here Ruth and I tasted our first dark German bier

But it wasn’t butterflies that Stephen and I had come to sample. Our quest focused on chapulines, soft tacos stuffed with grasshoppers. Taking our order, the waitress noted our luck: the grasshoppers sometimes get held up coming through customs from Mexico, but that night they were readily available.

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canada goose black friday sale “We had two day trips into Italy, to Bologna and Trieste, where the American sailors were in town, all wearing white like Gene Kelly in On the Town. Then we drove mountain paths through Germany to Austria, spending a week in a hostelry near Innsbruck. Here Ruth and I tasted our first dark German bier, plied on us by sweet German grandads in lederhosen, who were eating calf’s head and sauerkraut.. canada goose black friday sale

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