The shooter used an AR 15 assault style rifle without a serial

The shooter used an AR 15 assault style rifle without a serial

Even in Paul’s day, the inserting of ANOTHER Jesus, ANOTHER gospel and ANOTHER spirit, had already started. Could it be that the SACRIFICIAL SERPENT DEMON GOD that absolved you of any sin committed, even murder in the name of the Demon God, Serapis/Mithras/Odin/Zeus/Dionysius/Shiva/Vishnu, Quetzalcoatl, and Hermes, etc. On the Cross was “THE OTHER” Jesus? We wonder why the religious wars? It is time to wake up and come CLEAN!.

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canada goose outlet store There we have very low murder rates. The clip, and listen to the interview, as Pratt tries to explain why he said lawmakers have on their hands. Follow Morgan Tonight on Twitter. A California highway patrolman was killed by a felon on Monday night, and two of his colleagues were badly wounded, during a gun battle after a traffic stop on the freeway in Riverside. The shooter used an AR 15 assault style rifle without a serial number, which makes it untraceable, according to the Los Angeles Times. These “ghost guns” are assembled from parts that can be ordered by mail or obtained underground, and ATF reports that about a third of all firearms seized in Southern California now are un serialized. canada goose outlet store

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