The final stage was to practice a full sized version giving

The final stage was to practice a full sized version giving

I then developed some of these ideas into a set of visual gags and made several drawings with them all put together in one scene. The final stage was to practice a full sized version giving myself about 25 minutes. I was then able to discard one or two ideas that took a bit too long..

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canada goose Palin: Pray of course for about my family that my kids will not be adversely affected by some of the political shots of course that, that we’ve been taking the last couple of months. I pray for my son’s safety over in Iraq fighting for us in a striker brigade in the US Army and for all of our troops and I pray too for in the grander, greater scheme of things also that God’s hand of protection would be over our country and that we as individuals would be endowed with strength to do all that we can to protect our nation and protect our Constitutional rights and do those things that I believe will make our country better, greater, but it’s going to take even more than that truly it will take God’s hand of protection to be continually over our land and His wisdom, His grace, His favor I pray for that for our country. I pray for that for other nations also, so that other nations would be safe, would be healthy, that the people who live there especially the children who are growing up in some of these nations that are certainly not as privileged as we are would know that there is hope, that there is opportunity if they seek that and if they seek God’s guidance.. canada goose

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