Obama, though, he emphasized he’s “very sad ” that he won’t be

Obama, though, he emphasized he’s “very sad ” that he won’t be

The wide ranging interpretations of whether the bill would gut the current law or wouldn’t are likely to fuel the nature and intensity of that fallout.For instance, the measure does not eliminate the ACA’s requirement that most Americans carry health insurance, although the penalty for not having coverage would be erased. In its place, insurers would be allowed to charge 30 percent higher premiums for one year to customers who have had a gap in coverage of roughly two months or more.Medicaid would also be transformed in two ways. For the 31 states that expanded the safety net program under the ACA to include people with slightly higher incomes, the government would immediately stop paying for anyone new to enroll under the expansion and would eventually stop the extra federal money that came with the expansion.

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