It has the best WDDM implementation as it is the last one that

It has the best WDDM implementation as it is the last one that

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Replica Bags Wholesale 1 point submitted 5 days agoWin7 has WDDM. It has the best WDDM implementation as it is the last one that allows the user to easily have Borderless Fullscreen/Windowed applications without mandatory V Sync.There more to it than that though.DOOM 2016 on Vulkan hits its 200 FPS cap on Windows 7. Id software showed other devs that that it is not necessary to imprison themselves into Microsoft tiny walled garden in order to attain low level API optimization nirvana :)DOOM is not very demanding, the reason you can backtrack is it is unloading everything pretty damn fast. Replica Bags Wholesale

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