“Users” are persons that use the Services

“Users” are persons that use the Services

As such, we provide this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used by this digital service and among Turner’s network of affiliated and operated digital services (“Turner Network”), which includes any online or mobile websites, applications or digital services owned, operated or offered by, on behalf of, or in conjunction with Turner or its Affiliates, including any online or mobile website, application or digital service installation through which this Privacy Policy appears (each a “Service,” collectively the “Services”). “Users” are persons that use the Services.A representative list of Turner Affiliates is available here.I. The Information We CollectWe receive both information that is directly provided to us, such as personal information you provide when you visit the Services, and information that is passively or automatically collected from you, such as anonymous information collected from your browser or device.

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