I am happy that my fellow citizens subscribe to the great

I am happy that my fellow citizens subscribe to the great

Icing on the cake is the last car also driving through the intersection and manoeuvring past the stroller.ZohanDvir 182 points submitted 18 days agoAfricville was founded by Black Nova Scotians (Eastern Maritime region of Canada) from a variety of origins, in part from the desire to escape discrimination and racism experienced in Halifax (the provincial capital). Many of the first settlers were former slaves from the United States, Black Loyalists who were freed by the Crown during the American Revolutionary War and War of 1812.During the 20th century, the city of Halifax repeatedly neglected the community even after court orders, refusing to implement simple services like roads, water, electricity, street lamps, and sewage (even though its residents paid taxes). From the mid 19th century, the City of Halifax located its least desirable facilities in the Africville area (a prison, slaughterhouse, waste treatment facility, garbage dump, landfill), where the people had little political power and property values were low.

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