Step 3 Delete Call of Duty: Black Ops FileOnce you’re in the

Step 3 Delete Call of Duty: Black Ops FileOnce you’re in the

It really is.You start from 0, you work toward upgrade of your first ship (better sword, horse, armor) then you get your second, third ship and you hire NPC to fly them with you, so you made squadron (your own marcenary band in M so you start to go for bigger things like attacking trading ships or harder missions. You earn more money, buy more ships, traders then you hit really big money and you go for maybe your own station or instead work your way toward capital ship.Soon you fight with pirates/otherfaction for control of system you drive them out and you have your own part of universe from where you can expand.At tip of your finger you will have 100s of ships ready to conquer galaxy for you. It a great game but it feels pretty dated.

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