I can chop down the forest behind my base and get the same

I can chop down the forest behind my base and get the same

reactorcritical comments on what kind of ghost would you be

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canada goose store People still think the XP is unbalanced? I was playing last night and getting 200 300 XP each from hitting trees and rocks. I not sure how much higher anyone expects that to go. I can chop down the forest behind my base and get the same amount of XP as killing a wandering horde. canada goose store

Canada Goose sale You need low lvl ones to actually be able to trigger them. But then you want to keep some mid and high level ones too in case they actually fix it for good some day.Goddamn you are so right on. I decided that there a few skills that I never use, like Pulse and Shield, so I dump most of the mods I find for those two skills Canada Goose sale.

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