We did that for a couple of miles but I needed to use the

We did that for a couple of miles but I needed to use the

Just a great character, to me the entire show (at least the first few seasons) is about the broken people left as a result of an occupation, and the steps they take to heal what they can and move past it. Kira symbolises the struggle of the Bajoran people. She has defined her entire life by the struggle against the Cardassians, leading her to dehumanise them and leaving her lost after they finally “win” and the Cardassians leave.

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cheap hermes belt Our initial plan was to follow the 3:29 pacer. We did that for a couple of miles but I needed to use the toilet, so we pushed ahead to gain some time on him. Once I’d used the toilet, we found we were still ahead, so carried on at that pace. I understand where you coming from, I really do. But I think that might be something to save for post production, imo. When it live the behind the shoulder shot gives the best view of what is happening, and I wager most viewers would like to see that live. cheap hermes belt

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