Speaking to reporters on Monday

Speaking to reporters on Monday

As the air starts to get crisp and the leaves start to turn gorgeous shades of red and yellow this season, there is nothing more fun than romping through pumpkin patches or apple picking and going on hay rides with your kids. What a fun way to enjoy the beauty of a fall day with the family. While you are preparing for Halloween festivities this year, think about taking the family out for some fun fall adventures on Long Island.

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replica bags supplier The chancellor has called on Tory leadership candidates to “stop and think” about their spending promises.Both Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson have announced a raft of policies during the contest, including cutting taxes and increasing spending on public services.But Philip Hammond said they needed to “be honest” as the policies “greatly exceed” the Treasury’s coffers.He also said available money would be needed to support the UK economy in the case of a no deal Brexit.Asked by BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg if the candidates were being honest with the electorate, he said: “I think they need to be very careful about setting out these ambitions and being clear about the consequences of them.”The warning comes after Mr Hunt said he would decide by the end of September whether there was a “realistic chance” of reaching a new deal with the EU were he to become PM.The foreign secretary said he would deliver a provisional “no deal Brexit budget” in early September, but abandon talks at the end of the month if there was no “immediate prospect” of progress instead moving to a no deal footing.His rival Boris Johnson has vowed to leave “come what may” by 31 October.Speaking to reporters on Monday, Mr Johnson said it was important to have a “hard deadline” for leaving, adding that previous no deal preparations buy replica bags online had “sagged back down” after exit dates were not met.The Conservative Party’s 160,000 members will begin voting next week and Theresa May’s successor is expected to be announced on 23 July.Is there a Brexit ‘war chest’?Hunt sets 30 September ‘no deal deadline’Tory leadership: Compare the candidatesMr Hammond said the Treasury had “built up fiscal headroom to protect against the cost of a no deal Brexit” and that money could be released “if we have a smooth Brexit with a transition period in an orderly way”.But he said the current proposals on the table from Mr Hunt and Mr Johnson would already require increased borrowing beyond the government cap, or spending cuts or tax rises elsewhere even without a no deal Brexit shaped “hole” in the public finances.Mr Hammond also said the headroom wasn’t “a pot of money sitting in the Treasury”, but a way of borrowing more without breaching government limits.”Whether it is a leadership competition or a general election, there is always a temptation to get into https://www.luxuryreplicabagby.com a bidding war about spending more and cutting taxes,” he said.”But you can’t do both, and if we’re not careful, all we end up doing is borrowing more, spending more on interest, instead of on our schools, hospitals and our police, and delivering a bigger burden of debt to our children and grandchildren.”He said the candidates’ policies were “sensible and interesting ideas”, but said the government had “built up a reputation for fiscal responsibility. And it is very important we don’t throw that away”.”We have to live within our means and people have to be honest about the consequences of either spending more money or of cutting taxes that will have implications for borrowing or spending elsewhere,” he added. Wants to leave with a deal, but says he would back a no deal Brexit with “a heavy heart” if necessary replica bags supplier.

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