Rahul Gandhi has taken responsibility for the drubbing

Rahul Gandhi has taken responsibility for the drubbing

She was pure magic and everyone that crossed paths with her could feel it, no matter their life circumstances or age or even language. She was so kind and brilliant, it was a joy being with her for the few years I had. She would have been such a good mother that I wasn even terrified of turning out like my father because I knew our child would be alright no matter what.

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perfect hermes replica Among the leaders attending the glittering ceremony were Congress president Rahul Gandhi, his mother Sonia Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The event came at a time when the why not find out more main opposition party is reeling from one of its worst electoral performances yet, having won just 52 seats across the country to the BJP’s 303. Rahul Gandhi has taken responsibility for the drubbing, even announcing his decision to quit the Congress chief’s position, and party leaders as well as alliance partners are still trying to convince him against taking such a drastic step.. perfect hermes replica

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