When I first discovered my oldest had them

When I first discovered my oldest had them

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It funny how that works. I was at a local outreach one day dropping off some donations. This place does a food pantry, but they also do assistance with bills and rent. Mine just came in about 10 minutes ago and I immediately emailed them regarding this. The substitute for the Briogeo spray with 3 tiny hair samples (and not very good ones at that) in ONE box is ludicrous. The eyeshadow looks gorgeous and I’m glad that I didn’t get 2 boxes from replica hermes ashtray amazon since they seem to only be sending one shade out and I certainly don’t need 2 of the same shade.

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hermes belt replica aaa It a bit of a spare no expense kit, but I still favor the Smallrig over Tilta cage, too much proprietary stuff with them.If shooting a more ENG style gig I use my FS7 but this camera has been great for trying to be a bit lower profile. The Gun stock style is really great for bracing against the body, and the kit is well balanced for top handle operating as well.There never one perfect rigging for every shoot, but this is my go to for run and gun with the camera right now. The two 15mm rails are replica hermes wallet front to back adjustable for balance/ packing into a bag.This rig was made of a lot of stuff I already had floating around, a lot of trial and error (thanks amazon returns!), not super budget friendly.SmallRig Single 15mm Rail Clamp Mount Rod Clamp with Long Hole on Plate / Cage / Handle replica hermes watches uk for Rod Extension 1549 (x2 for the top and bottom rails where the grip/stock and the motor/battery are mounted)SmallRig Safety NATO Rail 93mm Long for Nato Handle Camera Cage EVF Monitor Mount 193cadded to top of the cage, because of the top rail i added this is just more accessible.TOP HANDLEc wooden camera NATO handle plus v2Arri Rosette Adapter to NATO Clamp Quick Release Clamp for DIY Camera Rig Cage and Hand Grip 2046(for nano focus wheel, mounted to left of cage on NATOHawk Woods PC 40 powerCON Adapter (4 port d tap breakout, camera, monitor, and nano are all powered off this)CAMEOGEAR Swivel Mount for On Camera Monitors] (Monitor Mount)Tilta Nucleus Nano Wireless Focus Control SystemSmallHD 501 HDMI On Camera Monitor with 3D LUT Support (a bit dated at this point)Tokina Cinema ATX 11 20mm T2.9 Zoom Lens 3 x PRO IRND Filter Kit (EF Mount) (Lens + These IRND filters are great, I prefer them to a matte box for smaller shoots) I got hermes replica handbags china a lot of glass but this is whats pictured8Sinn SSD Holder For Samsung T5 On 15mm Rod mount (using a 1TB T5)(for USB and HDMI dongles) I using fixed dongles to reduce wear and tear on the camera bodyI had the pocket for 4 months now and been trying to find a balance of size and performance hermes belt replica aaa.

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