About me/Contact


Since 2008 I am at home on the conception and production of exhibition and multimedia- / cross platform projects. My passion for media – reflecting, forming and playing with narratives – definitely originates from my studies at the RWTH in Aachen and the University of Leiden. I hold master degrees in media-sociology and and Photographic  Studies. Particularly the media sociologist remains the most critical and conceptualist voice within my practice. This upbringing has shaped my eye for cross media narratives. It motivates me to search for the best platform and structure to convey a story. After the medium is the message, isnt it?


After After my studies studies I curated the solo exhibitions Ed van der Elsken – Tokyo Symphony and Monica Nouwens – Look at me (…). After this I have worked very hands on on a large number of projects nationally and internationally. This is where I gradually extended my skillset.


Clients include: Paradox, Edam (NL); Stadsarchief, Amsterdam (NL); International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam (NL), Asia Society, New York, (US); Magnum Foundation, New York (US); Glacierworks, Boston (US),  Collborations have been conducted with: Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam (NL), FOAM, Amsterdam (NL); Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago (CL); GAM, Santiago (CL), Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing (CN); Festival de las Artes, San Jose (CR)


Please feel free to get in touch by mail info(AT)vex.media or through my contact details within my Linked in Profile.

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