Expertise and Services

Expertise and Services

I created VEX – Visual Narratives and Exhibits as a label for my freelance activities and collaborations.

My Name is Frank Ortmanns and I am a content developer/designer for digital signage systems, multimedia installations and exhibitions. A heavy focus of my work is the development of journalistic multimedia pieces and audio visual installations. I have realised many projects for cultural institutions, commercial clients or directly with artists or photographers internationally. My services reach from conception, video content creation, production and management within the studio or on site.

Top of the line projects however are often the result of a team effort. This is why I find it important to work with a trusted network of partners for content creation, specialised technical production or logistics.

Audiovisual installations

For audiovisual productions and exhibitions I provide services ranging from creative production (narrative concept and content development, production expertise) to executive and post production (montage and editing, color correction, budgeting, project management) and technical production (rendering and programming for digital signage systems). I also provide (audiovisual multi-screen) exhibition designs.

Visual documentation

The visual documentations for exhibitions and architectural projects grasp the full scope of the spatial experience and concept. They aim to serve as promotional tools for my clients that are looking to catch the key features of spatial and architectural designs. As documentation media I m are use of 360degree and conventional photography, next to 360 and conventional video. Photography makes room-detail and atmosphere tangible. The moving images renders the size, proportion and spatial relations of a space. Various complementary techniques – from classical cinema to aerial video or advanced time lapse photography – enable me to touch every aspect of a project.

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