VEX – Visual Narratives and Exhibits is a studio for (moving) images based in Amsterdam. We create, develop & produce space-related projects such as audiovisual installations, mini-docs and premium visual documentation of exhibitions and architectural sites. Our clients are photographers, cinematographers, curators, writers, museums and companies that are looking to wrap up audio visual narratives in an immersive and engaging way.

We develop our projects from idea to technical detailing, content and final installation. Preferably, we are involved right at the beginning of the creative process. Development of form and content is always a collaborative effort. Fo every project we are supported by our trusted partners ranging from carpenters to specialised AV technicians. This way we ensure that the project stays on time, on budget and above all, on top of the line.

Audiovisual installations

For audiovisual productions we provide the full spectrum ranging from creative production (concept and content development, production expertise) to executive and post production (montage and editing, color correction, budgeting) and technical production (mixing, rendering and preparation for digital signage systems or broadcast) in the studio or on location. We also provide (audiovisual multi-screen) exhibition designs and public presentations.

Premium visual documentation

Our documentations cover spatial installations such as exhibitions and architectural projects to grasp the full scope of the spatial experience and concept. They serve as promotional tools for our clients that are looking catch the key features of spatial and architectural designs. For our documentations we use both, photography and video to represent our clients ideas. Photography makes room-detail and atmosphere visible. The moving image renders the size, proportion and spatial relations of a space. Various techniques – from classical cinema to aerial video or advanced time lapse photography – enable us to touch every aspect of a project.

Mini Documentaries

For clients that want to articulate the narrative potential of their projects we produce short documentaries as a promotional tool or standalone film, exploring the underlying motives, concepts and ideas.