Parasol Island (Cologne), Asics

Commercial, Digital Signage
Co-Projectmanagement, Technical Lead

The goal was to create awareness and immerse the audience into an experience that engages them beyond a simple point of sales situation. An experience that finds its core and rationale within the Asics philosophy. The scope of work included the design of the store installation, logistics handling as well as a technical solution for the the film and audio experience.

For many, sports don’t only benefit the body and overall health but provide the only “me-time” within a day. This is one of the reasons self-performance, meditation, and recreational programs are getting so much traction, while shopping experiences are becoming more and more confusing with overlapping agendas and repetitive approaches.

The idea of „The Breathing In The Moment“ film was to get the audience in touch with their breathing and consequently achieve ultimate awareness of their body and mind, placing them within the moment and not in the past or future – the place where we spend most of our time.

The film was subsequently integrated into the store experience, created and designed by Parasol Island’s creative boutique Another Slang. The self-proclaimed “Hexacube” serves as a POS system, showroom, and walk-in wardrobe. The result was a space that unified product and brand philosophy – contextually as well as visually.

The Hexacube presentation simultaneously launched in 5 major cities: Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, London and New York.