Exhibitions/Audio-visual installations
Installation Design

Based on an assignment by JC Art Fund and the collection of the Amsterdam medical center, Carlier’s 8-channel installation Let us be cheerful was to be translated into a permanent installation The installation is located at a publicly accessible waiting area at the heart of the hospital. On a daily basis hundreds of people walk in and out of this location that also serves as a daily work space for several employees. Many choices with regards to form and materials were  made to integrate the installation into this public space without making it disturbing for the daily employees. Nevertheless it creates a closed environment that allows the audio visual installation to unfold and enrich the space for the visitors.

Artist Sarah Carlier (Izegem, 1981) makes personal and socially committed photography and video installations. By mixing documentary with fictional elements, she ‘rewrites’ her own memories. Simultaneously she examines and clarifies and highlights the function of traditions, customs and cultural values in our society.
The same approach is used in the poetic installation Let us be cheerful (2014). The video installation includes thirteen videos that could be called ‘moving pictures’. They are about human bonds, parting rituals and moments of joy. Because of the static
photographic frame Carlier creates a balance between stillness and movement.
Client: JC ArtFund, Collection of the Amsterdam Medical Center
Tasks:Installation Design, Technical production

Location: Permanent eight-channel-installation at the Amsterdam Medical Center