Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

Exhibitions/Audio-visual installations
Technical compilation, Visual Documentation

With the works of the award-winning American photographer Susan Meiselas the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt presents a multi-media dialogue drawn from different parts of the world that face continual patterns of forced migration due to warfare, violence or economic conditions.

For this assignment VEX was asked to remaster the 4-channel installation Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History for an up-to-date digital signage presentation on 4 projectors.
Carrying the Past, Forward  presents two intricate bodies of work, Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History and Crossings. Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History is based upon Meiselas’s documentation of the Anfal campaign in Kurdistan, archival research gathering the history of Kurdish people, documentation of workshops as well as films and publications from the photographer. Earlier photographs from El Salvador, Nicaragua and the US-Mexican border give insight to Meiselas’s groundbreaking work following her documentation of the political upheaval in Central America in the late 1970s and 80s. The aftermath is told through her revisiting of the sites and people she had previously photographed. In the 1980s the photographer subsequently traced migration across the US-Mexican border.


Photography: Susan Meiselas

Curator: Celina Lunsford

Exhibition Design: Jeroen de Vries

Production: Fotografie Forum Frankfurt
Visual Documentation & Editing: Frank Ortmanns [VEX]