Kadir van Lohuizen


Eye Boulevard, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

360 Documentation, Exhibitions/Audio-visual installations
360 Tour, Videoediting

Wasteland is an investigative visual project where Kadir van Lohuizen looks into what we do with the waste we produce (household, industrial, sewage). Kadir looks into both the problems and the solutions in this context.
With a sharp increase in the world population and growing economies in different parts of the world, we are producing more waste then ever. Mainly in Europe and the US our trash is invisible, in other parts of the world its more visible in the form of trash dumps.
Needless to say that specially open dumps have a severe environmental impact due to the release of methane. Open burning is also damaging, because of the environmental and health impacts.

For this particular project Frank Ortmanns edited the six individual audio-visual channels that complement the print exhibit.